Saturday, March 27, 2010

life cycles: a walk in the park III

A little explanation:
The pictures are from a famous park in Oslo, called The Vigeland Park. It is named after Gustav Vigeland, the artist who made all these beautiful sculptures. 
A large part of the park/sculptures display the circle of life, from cradle to grave. I am completely in love with it, and will show some of the reliefs later on. I am also in love with the dynamic of these sculptures - the very dynamic bodies, their positions and the interactions between them. Like explosive dancing. Love, love, love it. I also love the themes, from anger, violence and fear to playfulness, lust and deep love. There's something so very Norwegian about these, but at the same time, so very universal.
I have more pictures coming up. Please enjoy!


Bree said...

the sculptures are more than fantastic,i knew about the park but did never see it in real life.
you took some awesome pictures!

melissa said...

therese, your blog is making me feel homesick for norway. i visited this park many times while we lived there. i found the scupltures moving- even though at first i thought i did not understand them.
i love your pictures!

MammaNatura said...

sono meravigliose...senza parole!!

Anonymous said...

My husband just come home from Oslo, he took my eldest daughter to the park which her mom and dad visited 30 odd years ago.
nice to see it here too.


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