Thursday, May 20, 2010

corner view ::: collections ::: (i'm late, but i'm in again!)

I collect childrens books.
It took me many many years to give in to the obsession, and sometimes I grieve all the books I didn't buy along the way. 
Oh, there were many.

Sometimes I buy books for their subtle or not so subtle messages, like the interconnectedness of all things, or books with a general holistic outlook.
Sometimes I buy books for their great stories.
Sometimes - or quite often - I buy books for their illustrations. 
And sometimes I buy books for their cover.
I am seldom disappointed. Except that one time, when I bought that blue book in the photo above.
That's right, you guessed it - Madonna's. It's horrible. 
But the cover is great.


Books in this post:

Garmanns street - by Norwegian Stian Hole. Here's a review, and here's a review by someone who did not get it. Or maybe it's just a cultural thing.
The Big Question - philosophical picture book by Wolf Erlbruch
When The Wind Stops - great ecological lesson by Charlotte Zolotow and Stefano Vitale (ill.)
The Giving Tree - by Shel Silverstein. A classic My daughter won't let me read it, it's so sad and the tree lived a meaningless life. She thinks.
The Snow Queen - by Vladyslav Jerko (ill.) and H.C. Andersen 
Min Verden I En Nøddeskal/ My World In A Nutshell - anthropological picture book by Suzanne Brøgger, Danish
The Little House In The Big Woods - by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Garmanns Summer - my favourite. By Stian Hole, the same who made Garmanns Street. Here's a review that might explain (to me) the 'cultural thing', and here's some more pictures from the book.
What If? - by Rosso Collins (ill.) and Frances Thomas. Great illustrations.
Around The Year, by Elsa Beskow. A classic. And soooo beautiful illustrations. 
The Fir Tree, by H.C. Andersen
Syngende Stein/Singing Stone - Norwegian, by Stella East (ill.) and Eyvind Skeie. 
Verden Har Ingen Hjørner/The World Has No Corners - Norwegian, philosophical picture book by Svein Nyhus
The Complete Fairytales - by the Brothers Grimm
Mr Peabody's Apples - by Madonna

More collections:

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Unknown said...

What a great collection, I'll have to dig through that list!

Gwynneth Beasley said...

I love how you paired when the wind stops with the giving tree - two of my favourite books!

nadine paduart said...

i know exactly what you mean. there is one children's book i have been looking for in brocante & second hand shops, on street corners and on flea markets, for like forever! it was a book about a girl in africa (i'm not even into africa today!), having a safari, plenty of (drawn) animals, and her name was karolien. or else it was caroline. it so weird not to be able to actually say a lot about it, but the atmosphere...
well, hope lives; i'm still looking. who knows... :) - nice post.

Siddis back home said...

Herlig samling med barnebøker, jeg samler Elsa Beskow bøkene til mine små, men mangler "Årets saga" som jeg faktisk synes er den fineste.
Flott blogg du har, takk for titten!


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