Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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My 'daily' is not far from my 'bliss' - chocolate/banana shake. Yes, I am a chocoholic. But I consider myself a healthy chocoholic since I switched from store bought plastic'y chocolate to homemade, raw and healthy chocolate.

In your blender:

2 bananas
1 tblsp organic peanut butter (without any additives)
2 tblsp raw chocolate powder
1 tblsp xylitol (natural sweetener made from birch tree)
juice from 1 orange
pich of salt
1-2 tblsp organic, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil
cover with rice milk

Blend until smooth
Share with your family, or put it on a drinking bottle and have a sip of chocolate whenever you want throughout the day :)

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Valerianna said...

mmmmm, this looks great!

I, too and a chocoholic, though I'm avoiding sugar at present, which means I have to make it myself or find no sugar chocolate, which is more rare.... so this is helpful 'cause I haven't had it in a while... thanks!

Daan said...

olalalala, that looks and sounds Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Yum, that sounds tasty. I love virgin coconut oil in smoothies. It gives such a delicate coconutty flavour.

karen said...

yum, i cam see why that would be your daily!

Deniz said...

sounds delicious!

Barbaramama said...

Every day???? OMG! If i should do that i would be HUGE in a few months!


therese said...

Barbara: I don't think you would! The point is to use sweetener that affects your bloodsugar as little as possible, and to add fat - correct fat, that is. Coconut fat does not only balance out the bloodsugar rise you'd have from the bananas and xylitol, it also increases your metabolism. You should also try my raw chocolate recipe, it's so much better for you than any other candy - it's actually healthy.

jane said...

i hear ya! p.s. your container is from here- too funny!


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