Monday, July 4, 2011

viking life

It looks like we won't be going on our yearly viking adventure this year. A bit sad, but we're working on replacing it with something possibly even more rewarding.
Anyway, I realized that last year, I didn't show off much of the viking side of life - so here's some photos from 2010.
As for this week's CV, I'm completely stuck. The themes are getting more and more challenging!


nadine paduart said...

thread lightly, my love.
have a viking before and after, why don't you....?
tee hee....
enjoy though.
till soon

Anonymous said...

So awesome...sorry you'll miss it (I know I will miss your photos from it ;-). But, looking forward to hearing about its replacement adventure!

Dmarie said...

what a fabulous appliqué that!

Helene said...

Oi, der er jo fanen min jo :P HÃ¥ndapplikert by mois.
Og ryggen til mannen ...


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