Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the farmer

a couple of weeks ago, we went by our local farm school. it's a huge area with a large farm, school buildings, a veterinary clinic, historical museum, a farm shop, a beach and then some. we went up there to swim in the ocean (which didn't happen, it was too cold) and to visit our friend who was working at the farm (and picking strawberries for free, yum).

she's attending high school for the second time in her life. at 45, she wakes up and realises all she wants in life is to become a farmer. she's in class with 16 year old kids, doing all the farming stuff, but also all the rest - mathematics, social science, gymnastics.
gymnastics. and she beats them all!

her dream is to run an organic farm. seeing her working is like seeing someone who's been doing this all of her life. she's so at home. and i'm so proud of her.

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