Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the craft

viking replica jewellery. always popular.

embroidery. i got their secret, finally. they use some kind of tracing paper, which they actually embroider through and on to the fabric, and then tear off.


knitting and crocheting wasn't invented yet, so this is what they did; needlebinding. a much slower technique. and a bit limited; it was mostly used for hats and socks, i'm not sure about wristwarmers, but they certainly are popular among the 'new' vikings.

some more embroidery.
most of these viking enthusiasts are quite hard core when it comes to authenticity and craft. a lot of the dresses are hand sewn.

a bow maker.

so far, i've made two pairs of wristwarmers using the needlebinding technique. hope i'll be able to advance to a hat soon!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful post! This looks like such a cool event! Where and what was this event? I would love to learn more about this! Do you do hand dying yourself?


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