Monday, July 28, 2008

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the name of our game was plant dyes. white wool yarn turns into amazing colours, only by the aid of plants, water, a cauldron, a fireplace and time. look at the transformation of this yarn over the days the market was open:

nice, huh?

my frind's boyfriend, carving wood. (by the way, see that carved dragon thing in picture # 2? it's a work-in-progress chair, and my mad valkyrie friend is carving it. she's good!)

some of the clothes i brought

me, working at my newly aquired needle binding techniques. more on that later!

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kimberlee said...

how totally beautiful, especially that dyed wool hanging down.

so much prettier than normal camping :)

thanks for visiting our blog and your nice words about the paper doll project, its always nice to here from you therese


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