Sunday, December 21, 2008


it's getting really crowded here. my little one fell so in love with this winter garden, she got seriously disappointed every time there weren't any new figures to find in the calender socks. chocolate herts or promises of movies or storytelling wasn't good enough. so she started to put things into the socks herself. more rabbits, a mouse in a walnut shell, etc etc. and when she found the round sun candle and the baby sun (inside that red ball of wool), she chose the display. not exactly how i would have done it (especially considering fire safety), but then again, this is for them and not for me. sort of. (ahem)
but her explanation was good, though. the new baby sun (the new god) is placed in the middle of the black, dying sun (the candle holder aka the old god), rising.

and here's the baby. ready to grow and start shining.
oh, and that grey wool ball with legs?
supposed to be a sheep, but looks like a pitbull.
so; a pitsheep.

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