Monday, March 16, 2009

lunches; revisited

i can't believe i forgot about our food challenge! that is, i didn't forget about it, i just forgot blogging about it. i have lots of pictures of yummy lunches for my kids. i haven't been able to photograph the lunchboxes for many months due to lack of daylight in the morning, so if you don't mind, i'll be posting pictures taken before king winter came and swallowed the sun.

in the boxes are: plain youghurt with maple syrup, grapes and a slice of - hm, peach, i think -, avocado, paprika, and sunflower seeds, bread with who-knows-what.

the laptop lunchboxes were a huge success with my kids. if you, like me, feel that you're kind of stuck in making the same boring lunches for your kids, i encourage you to get one.

(ps - did you see my new list of inspirations? on top, to the right).


Anonymous said...

Mmm, det ser veldig delikat ut. Kanskje noe å herme etter selv om ungene spiser de kjedelige skivene sine også.

karen said...

they look like very yummy lunchboxes. i must say i still miss the days when i didnt have to think about what to eat, just open up the lunch box and have something nice my mum packed for me:)

glasfaden said...

Woww! Look yummy. As my boy first went to the kindergarten, I used to be very motivated and prepared a variety lunch box each day. I even woke up very early to prepare it (I'm a long sleeper normally *lol*). I had those Japanese lunch boxes in mind, which I always adore. But something happened to my private life, that has changed my life.
Looking at your kids' lunch awake my motivation a bit :)

Anonymous said...

We have those and the kids love them. Brenna likes yogurt, but says she has a hard time getting the lid off at school. Those lids are difficult. Are yours that way?


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