Tuesday, April 7, 2009


{she's a rascal. can you see that? with a way too huge gum in her mouth. and gigantic teeth.}

my mailbox held a new gift today - the handrolled hankie and poem from robinsunne, my swap-choo partner. i opened the letter and saw the first line of the poem she chose. my heart started bubbling and i laughed out loud.

leonard cohen. and that song!
cohen's music is part of my upbringing; it's in the livingroom of my parent's house, it's daylight and my happy daddy dancing with me standing on top of his own feet. this made me joyful today!
robinsunne is a fiber and mixed media artist, and the text was written on a card of her own design. the hankie was made of a fabric she dyed herself. i can't beat that one. and of course, it was beautiful - thank you, robinsunne!


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