Monday, April 6, 2009

more rescued items

more stuff from my friends clean out. corn husk dolls; i love the way the mother bends down towards the child. it looks very real.

two small linen bags - sewn and printed by my friend as a child.

five boxes of fuzzy felt made a huge success with my daughter. i don't think you can get those anymore in the toy store.

in my friends opinion, all of this was trash. i haven't yet decided whether i've rescued some cool items, or if i've just added to our own mountain of unnecessary stuff..


Mona said...

The felt thingy is definitely a cool thing! I vaguely remember somthing like that from my childhood...
The doll looks a bit scary, though :)

Bjørk said...

I agree with Mona; that doll looks scary :/

Unknown said...

I love the cornhusk mommy, bending over to ask if the little girl needs help carrying her bundle. The little girl is clearly determined to do it herself and be strong. Such a sweet pair!
Sara in Salt Lake City

Lisa said...

I love the corn husk dolls and the fuzzy felt looks like it will be well loved.


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