Sunday, July 25, 2010

by the lake

we had rain the first day.
but it was oh, so wonderful to be back to this childhood place of mine. i hadn't been there for 17 years (with my husband, the first year of our romance) and before that, 11 years. my children had never been here.
it's the tinyest cottage you can imagine. and the cosiest. no electricity, no plumbing. through the woods and by this lake - all to ourselves (see the tiny red dot on pic no 3? that's it. the only one, around the whole lake). we fished trout for dinner, played cards, listened to the radio, read books, spent hours on the lake, took hikes... so good.
i wouldn't mind coming back here all by myself, with a creative project or two. oh, the quiet.


Tussa said...

Nydelig sted!Litt misunnelig her:)

Mona said...

Uh, så fint!!
Velkommen hjem - glæder mig også til at høre om vikingerne :)

Ana Cristina Abreu said...

but one thing... the water isn't cold?

happy week

therese said...

Ana; the water was very cold! The eldest got in by an accident (lost his fishing gear, slid, got wet and stripped to get the fishing gear) and the youngest is in on anything fun :)

Laughingrat said...

It looks just wonderful.

Amanda said...

Oh, mountain lakes! Takes my breath away.


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