Saturday, July 24, 2010


daughter: don't look, i'm making you a present.
mother: ok.
daughter: but - i don't think you'll like it, because it's not going to last. you'll probably throw it away immidiately.
mother: not all things are meant to last, sweetie.
daughter: i know. like people.
she had painted me some tissue paper and hung them on a string across the room to dry in the sun.
later that night, after she had gone to sleep, i lay quietly down beside her in her bed. i held her softly and stroke her face and cried.
she knows. like people.
just like that.


we're back from our little trip to the woods and our yearly viking adventure, and i'm currently sorting through my photos. will be back. and no, no one's dying (that i know of) :)


Laughingrat said...

What a lovely gift, and a poignant moment.

Daan said...

Beatiful! I'm looking forward to your vikingadventurePhoto's!

formigrafisk said... små, største øyeblikkene...



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